Monday, 8 December 2008

Another day.(J)

Today I had it easy: I went to work from 9 am until 8 pm.

I took Yujiro and Okaasan to the ward office just before 9 am. When I looked back as I drove away I saw him taking her by the hand as they walked towards the office. It was like that movie that came out in Japan recently about a son and mother - at the time I thought it was hopelessly sentimental (like so many Japanese movies)...but I saw it today and felt for them both in this new life situation.

I had a long day of work. I enjoyed it, but felt tired after the weekend. Lots of women students tried to give me advice about how to cook simple, Japanese-style dinners. I usually have a one hour between classes at the end of the day - sometimes I manage to get home for a cup of tea...sometimes not. Today I didn't feel like coming home at all. But luckily I did because Y and O were still out in town and the cat's condition was worsening. He has kidney failure and we have to give him kidney-flushing fluid shots every 48-72 hours. In all the rush of the weekend I'd left it too late. I felt bad. This poor animal shouldn't suffer because we are bad at coping with new responsibilities.

Anyway. I got home again at 8 pm. He'd fed Okaasan and sent her to bed. He and I have just eaten a nice, quiet dinner together and talked about his day. He is so tired. They did the ward office, the stockbroker...the cell phone company etc...
Poor guy. He says this is the stressiest time in his life so far. I'll do dinner tomorrow night. He is going to help her unpack the boxes she had sent from her Saitama home.

And so we go. Another day done.









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