Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Hula Dancing.(J)

Well, I grabbed 2 hours to myself...watched some Tv and ate a hamburger.

Then at 2 pm Okaasan and I went to the local sports center to observe the Hula dance class. We even joined in! Very embarrassing...but fun. Okaasan was actually pretty good, she has been doing it on and off for a few years and knows all the moves. It was a good bonding time for us. Of course the other class members loved it that there was an international flavor to the prospective new member.

After class I helped her sign in at the desk for the January classes and we walked home in the dusk across the park. She invited me in for green tea and then I rushed out to get stuff for dinner. Oden tonight. It's easy.

Had a bit of a scene with him though after dinner. He found that she'd hung some laundry far too close to the living room heater - he shouted at her about how dangerous it was. Of course he is right, but his way was over-the-top. I told him off and we had words. I told him I refused to see anyone bullied however frustrated he felt. Sometimes he can be overly dictatorial. Probably no Japanese woman would ever tell a Japanese man to get off his macho-pedestal- but us gaijin gals have no such qualms. If a man is wrong we tell him so. I will not stand by and see him shout at his mother.








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