Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Lunch and housework

Here it is - another attempt at the kind of lunch I think okaasan probably likes!

Grilled fish (soy sauce marinated), miso soup, rice, salad, natto, cut and peeled apples....

Doesn't look so bad I guess. But it was thrown together at the last minute, I had to go out and buy the fish/natto/salad because we didn't have enough stuff at home.

That's my next goal: to try and shop methodically so that we have the stuff for an okaasan meal ready to hand. Then it'll be easier. I usually eat whatever is around and today for myself at 1 pm I stir-fried eggs/veggies and had a piece of bread. These days off with meals at 8 am/11 am/1 pm and then evening are strange. But as I am here I feel I should cook for her. But I don't want to eat rice and fish at 11 am...

This afternoon I popped into her place with the vacumn cleaner and changed the bedding covers etc. It feels strange to go into someone's home and do this, I am not sure WHERE are the personal boundaries in this situation! Okaasan helped change the bedding covers and picked stuff up so I could vacumn. She really needs another table or side stand so she can put stuff away. There's piles of stuff....maybe old ladies like it that way.
I'm home all day today because I have stuff I need to do on the computer and at home, should be I be sitting in with okaasan chatting or something? I don't know. It was warm weather today, she could have gone out but she apparently didn't.
Tonight I have another Year End party to go to. They are a kind of escape. Next week HE goes away for 4 days ski instructor work. That's when okaasan and I will see how we get on without him as a buffer in the equation. haaa....

Yesterday as one class finished for the year one student said to me:" Don't try too hard Amanda! It's ok!"....I'm trying to remember that.

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