Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Okaasan power! (J)

Yesterday morning on his early a.m. visit next door he didn't come back for ages. When he finally reappeared he said okaasan was demanding to have all her pension money back. Ahh...here we go. I kind of thought it was interesting, and a little strange, that she seemed to be passively accepting him organising so much of her life.
Finally she steps up to claim back some of the power. Good...in a way! Of course he is worried about giving her all the money - because all the evidence is that she gets on the Tv shopping, leaves it around the house, forgets what she spent it on etc etc. But...it IS her money.
She had a long running battle with a post office in Saitama - accusing the staff of stealing from her. We worry that she'll transfer that battle to him now, I wonder if he should give her receipts so he can show her exactly when and how much money is spent and received?

Anyway. I went off to work. He went off to hospital for rehabilitation for the leg...and while we were away - okaasan ignored his cautions and went out for a walk round the neighborhood on the ice! Ha ha! Okaasan power!
Actually it was no problem. She found her way home again and didn't slip on the ice. It's good that she feels ready to start connecting with and exploring her new environment.

I came home at 4 pm and went into her apartment for a cup of green tea, he came home and joined us. It was actually a fairly natural family moment. This is what we should aim for. Give her a role in our lives - welcming us back from work etc, making tea...who knows: making dinner? THAT would be good too.
I had to work in the evening, but my lunchtime End of Year party had sent me home with extra food from the restaurant, so he and okaasan ate Chinese restaurant leftovers for dinner.

And so another day ends.










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