Thursday, 4 December 2008

Quiet before the storm. (J)

Well, I had a quiet day. Just ordinary life of work. I have a small English school, and it is so nice to go there and be quiet. I just took part of the bathroom flooring to the homecenter to try and get it cut to shape. And I found some information about bathsteps for the elderly at Tokyu Hands.
If I was in England I could find out all sorts of info about services and things for the elderly, but it's harder for me to do in Japan. I have a feeling this unfolding experience is going to EXPAND my Japanese vocabulary in many ways!

They arrive tomorrow. I said I'd cook a simple dinner for them after the travelling. Rice, miso soup...maybe some crab and asparagus...okaasan likes crab. I'm not even sure I have enough plates and bowls in our kitchen to do this! And should we eat it in HER apartment or ours? How do I carry it all next door?
I suggested to him the other day that maybe we should try to eat in okaasan's place usually - because then it is easier for us to duck out sometime after dinner and leave - and have an evening in our own home. If she is here...she may not leave. It doesn't sound so friendly. But it might be best.

Anyway. I generally feel this is my time to step up to the plate of caring for an elderly relative. As I have been living abroad for the past 14 years I managed to escape caring for my grandparents, my step-father...and now my dad (85) and step-mum (81) are being watched-over closely by her sister in the UK. So, I've been selfishly lucky. I'm 47 years old. Time to knuckle down and meet the challenge!

He sounds like he's had a stressed time today though. He even said he'd "hit" her. I don't actually believe he actually lashed out at her - his English is sometimes a bit off the mark - it was probably more like a strong push of impatience. He feels terrible. It was something about what clothes she was going to bring and what she was going to wear.

All of this is heading my way. I'll do a final check of the apartment tomorrow and prepare dinner before my classes in the afternoon.

P.S. I keep noticing old ladies a lot now in the neighborhood and trying to imagine okaasan here. He said he does the same...





彼とお義母さんは明日到着するんだけど、移動後の二人のために、ワタシは簡単な夕食をつくるって言ってあるの。ご飯、味噌汁、たぶん蟹とアスパラガス。お義母さんは蟹が好きなの。この用意をするのに十分なお皿やボールがワタシたちの台所にあるのか自信がないんだけどね。それに、ワタシたち、お義母さんのところで食べればいいの?それともワタシたちのところ? どうやって全部を隣に運ぶの?





追伸  このところ近所で多くの老婦人に気がつくようになっていて、ここでのお義母さんをイメージするようにしているの。彼も同じことしてる、って言ってた。

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