Sunday, 7 December 2008

Second day. (J)

I couldn't get to the computer yesterday. He was on it for ages looking for house cleaning companies for the Saitama house.

Anyway. I went to work and came home at 2 pm. He and
okaasan had spent the morning shopping and arranging stuff in her apartment. Best news was that she is able to use the bath! That had been one of our main concerns: how she would get in and out of the bath. But she has great flexibility in her hips and the bath was no problem.

I had a quick lunch in my home, and then took my cup of soup and sat with her in her home watching TV for a bit. Later we cooked salmon
nabe and she came to us for dinner...fairly successful, although she thought it was strange I'd left the potato skins on the potatoes.

She stayed with us for an hour or so, and then went back to her apartment because she wanted to drink green tea and we don't have any. He then disappeared on the computer and I collapsed on the sofa and watched TV.

So, a fairly stressy day. She really likes the apartment and seems happy there. Her short term memory is terrible. She really does tell the same story with the same words 5 or 6 times in about 5 minutes. We must get her to a doctor sometime soon. There is maybe a medical reason for this, not just age.

Today we are going shopping for winter clothes.









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