Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Settling down?

Are we getting into a routine finally and beginning to relax? It feels so a little.

I worked all day and only came home for dinner. He was off all day, so son and mother went downtown for lunch and shopping. We have taken her on the streetcar twice now, so we hope she begins to understand that it's easy to go from the house to the center of town.
He also continued arranging things like travel cards, newspaper delivery and so on. There are so many aspects of life to change when someone moves home and when you are doing it for another person's life you first have to identify WHAT aspects of life they have and want changed/discontinued.
We live in Sapporo. It's a big, modern city in Japan. With all sorts of community services. As working adults we only use a certain level of services, for elderly people there are other services and whole shopping experiences we know nothing about: where DO old ladies go to buy their favorite green tea?!

I had a dentist visit late afternoon (bad news unsurprisingly after a year of stressful events and bad bady care), and I countered it with some retail therapy. Then went home to dinner.
We ate the lamb curry I'd made at the weekend. He'd said it would be ok for okaasan, but she didn't look so happy with it - she doesn't like meat so much and kind of pushed it around the plate a bit. I must give her fish/rice/soup tomorrow! Poor lady!
I'd also got more information about Hula Dance classes, so I gave her that and we chatted about the possibilities. I left the info with her and hope she will call to find out more. She should be able to do that - her Japanese language skills are better than mine!

After dinner she drank green tea with us. And then about 8 pm he took her back to her apartment and we settled down with some beers to watch a DVD. Felt almost relaxed. Are we starting to get on top of our new life and its challenges? Maybe.











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