Sunday, 14 December 2008

Sunday at home. (J)

Well, we ate our cheese fondue and drank the rest of the bottle of cheap wine. A quiet lunch but nice. It's always been good that sometimes we just let eachother be quiet. We talked a bit about okaasan and what life was like for her in Saitama - fighting with the Post Office because she thought they'd stolen money from her...buying so much foodstuff because she forgot what she'd already bought.
Life may be a bit boring here for her - not able to go out in the icy streets. But we hope it's easier. Sadly though the Hula Dance called to say they are full up this time - we'll have to find her another place to go.

After our lunch he disappeared into her apartment for an hour to make sure she was ok while she took a bath, and I caught up on business stuff - accounts and class preparation for next week.
Then I did some cooking for next week and made dinner: fish/soup/rice/spinach...with the surprise element of sweet rice wine (mirin)...which I'd added to the fish and the spinach...both mother and son thought that was strange. Tough! The gaijin cooks odd tasting Japanese food...Yujiro isn't too bothered actually, he accepts most of what I cook, but okaasan thought the fish and spinach were too sweet. can't be helped.

Tomorrow another week of work starts. I feel tired, but to have a bath now and read a Japanese cooking book....








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