Sunday, 14 December 2008

Trying to get a system going. (J)

Sunday lunchtime.

He was feeling "romantic" this morning. It's the last thing on my mind...I saw a TV program once that said men's bodies react to stress/anger by arousal...hmmm.....My body goes kind of blank.

We got out after breakfast in the sunshine and walked into town to get in some exercise, and came back via the supermarket. It was good to walk together and have quiet time. He didn't talk much. A lot of thinking.
We did talk about how we might try to get okaasan basically doing her own breakfast/lunch from now on. She eats at 11 am and in the evening only. She doesn't cook, but we've put a microwave and a hot water pot in her apartment. We of course eat at 7/8 am, lunchtime and in the evening. And we work. So trying to get these two life patterns together is hard.
As we walked we talked about maybe putting cooked rice in boxes in the fridge, giving her packs of miso soup to make and then keeping her supplied with fish/tofu/something from the supermarket. If she would get it together herself for the 11 am meal it would free us up in the middle of the day.

We came home. But as we haven't got okaasan primed for action quite yet he cooked rice/soup/fish for her. She came in and ate it in our living room. I hung Xmas decorations...okaasan looked like she wanted to go walking in the sunshine, but it's so icy at the moment here we'd have to take her in the car to a shopping mall or something. I feel we are keeping an old lady under house arrest a bit, but we need our time with email/TV/work planning too. Hard to merge lives.

In the supermarket we bought things for us to have cheese fondue for lunch. It's our kind of lunch on a winter weekend. Have to make some highlight for ourselves today. Is she having a good day too? I don't know. Watching TV, eating snacks.










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