Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Calm restored.

Well, I am back to being allowed in to check that the hot carpets are switched on ok!

We are making eye contact again and having conversations.

Yesterday was a public holiday in Japan. We had a lazy day at home, watching Tv and I prepared classes.

I cooked a simple pasta, soup and salad lunch. Okaasan was so busy putting loads of salt on the pasta she didn't notice (or didn't say?!) that the pumpkin soup contained the dreaded lilly bulbs all blended up into a pulp.

In the evening he made one of his good curries, although this time we bought better quality chicken than we would usually use. Our eating style has changed for sure!

Meals and what we will make seems to take up a LOT of our time. We wake up and talk about it. I go to work and we talk about it in the entrance area...food planning and preparation. It's quite a major shift for us to cook for Okaasan and think what she will eat.

Today my wonderful students were full of bright ideas for helping: how to cook lilly bulbs...where to buy Hula dance stuff. I know some of you are reading this BLOG! Thankyou folks! I feel such a lot of support.

Tomorrow is Hula Dance day again. Apparently someone in the class told Okaasan that they would make up her skirt using the material she bought...and I hope the weather is good enough for us to walk to the class together. I want her to go there alone in future - so I can have my Wednesdays to myself and go skiing further afield to Niseko or Rusutsu.

Anyway. Tired tonight after a new class start today. Time for a quiet video and bed.

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