Saturday, 31 January 2009

Determination or Obstinacy?

She spent the night curled up on the carpet by the heater, under the heated table cover.

Unfortunately she called us at midnight 7 times - but his mobile phone was switched off. Our stupid mistake. She had tried to get to the toilet and couldn't.

We have spent our morning with her now. She refuses to go to hospital.

It took her about an hour to crawl on her knees to the toilet door, finally push herself up onto the chair and then get to the toilet. Constantly refusing help. But Yujiro did help pull her hips up at one point.

She changed her clothes and managed to walk very slowly back to the living room. When I last looked she was kneeling down like a Moslem praying to Mecca, trying to get the energy to swing her hips round and sit down.

She doesn't want to eat because she believes that the body heals itself if you don't eat. Only drink water.

Her knee is swollen. But no bruising. And she can walk. But it's very painful.

What to do? We feel hospital or some kind of medical advice would be best. But she is strongly refusing. We can hardly carry her out of the house and into the car! I'm not sure she can get from the house TO the car...

So. Luckily today was a quiet day at work. I went into my classroom early and cancelled the 11 am students (sorry Sachiko and Toshihiko!), and came home again.

I admire Okaasan's determination. But at what point does that really become stupid obstinacy?

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