Thursday, 15 January 2009

The gentle tyranny of eating requirements.

Yesterday was my day off.

We got up kind of late. Had breakfast about 8.30 am - coffee, cereal...fruit..

About 10.30 I started cooking Okaasan's meal: fish, rice, soup, salad. She came in about 11 am to eat it, we sat at the table with her chatting.

Okaasan said: "this is troublesome, you don't need to cook specially for me, I can wait until lunchtime and eat with you."

We told her that it wasn't so much trouble. That today I am home etc. That now is a strange time in our lives because HE is home all the time with the ligaments etc. When we are both working she will have to fend for herself at lunchtimes with convenience stores, food deliveries or going out.

But it IS troublsome of course. Different eating timetables and different eating styles.

Yesterday around 1 pm He and I ate a combination of stuff in the fridge: potato, eggs, cheese, a can of tuna...some salad. It's fine for us, but we absolutely know Okaasan would NOT want to eat that! She often says: I can eat anything. BUT then she picks through something asking what it is etc.

In addition, eating seperatly from her gives us the freedom to eat what we want sometimes. Okaasan doesn't like bacon. We love it. We bought some the other day and it sat around for ages because there was no actual meal time when we could eat it!

I don't know the solution to all of this.
But I do know preferred different eating times and styles is troublesome.

On a happier front: yesterday I got Okaasan out of the house in time to walk to Hula dance class. There was a bit of a panic when I went to take her, because she had 3 pm as a time fixed in her head...and she wasn't ready at all at 2 pm...and then she lost the sports center strip of tickets...and then she couldn't remember which black boots in the center shoes area were hers...and so it goes...endless little confusions!

But she enjoyed Hula dance. A class member will sew up the material into a skirt. I enjoyed a quick work out and shower at the gym during the dance class time. We walked home together chatting about his leg.

He cooked chicken stew for dinner. Okaasan picked out the potato skins. She wondered about adding more salt.

Late at night we sat at the computer again looking at real estate agent sites for small houses. We Can Change!

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