Monday, 19 January 2009

Home hunting

We went home hunting on Saturday afternoon.

It was also a date/couple time for us, and an escape out of the house for him. It's so hard for someone on crutches to go anywhere in a city with icy streets.
After I finished work I picked him up. We had lunch in a small noodle place, and then armed with estate agents stuff and maps we drove around neighborhoods we think might be good, or places that have empty apartments/houses.
Didn't really find anything. Most of the houses were squashed between too many other buildings with no natural light, or too old, too far from transport, no garden...the apartments were better...but no garden.
But we got a better idea of neighborhoods and what area would work. One area we'd thought would be good proved to be all hilly and icy. A nightmare for Okaasan.

Anyway. We came home with a better idea of the topic and availability. No huge rush. Where we are is doable. We are coping...and into spring will be better. I kind of wonder whether pooling our monies together and buying a house might not be better...a home for her and us now, and a home for us into OUR old age...he's 50 now and I'll be...oh God..48 soon!

Okaasan came in for dinner. She'd been shopping at the department store that is closing down. Bought a huge bag of oranges. She walks into town from here! It must take her 45 minutes or more. Not bad for 78. With all the ice. She has got into life here very well really, many people would just sit around at home and watch TV. She gets out most days and walks and shops.

Sunday I helped a friend move furniture in the morning and picked up the double matress we bought off him: well "picked up" doesn't adequately describe it of course. It's a DOUBLE mattress, he lived on the SIXTH floor, with a SMALL elevator...another friend, his wife and I ..we all did a LOT of grunting and groaning to move the thing.

After that I escaped skiing with a friend, into the sunshine and snow. It rejuvenated me for the working week ahead, which is going to be busy. I also called England to get updates on that situation: which is slightly better (maybe) because they are now home again.

After skiing I dumped my friend on her doorstep and drove away to grab some takeout sushi and drive home at speed to try and get it on the table by 7 pm. Yujiro cooked the soup and we had family dinner. Okaasan forgets which sushi she has eaten of course...we have to constantly remind her and encourage her to eat what we know she likes.

This memory thing is so strange. It is funny, and makes funny stories. But it IS so strange and sad. Life must feel confusing when what you did a few minutes ago is blurry. We kind of wish she'd have a small accident or illness so that she was in hospital, and then doctors could take her in hand and tackle the problem somehow.

Anyway. Monday morning here. Another week to start. I have 7 classes today. And I have to take him to the hospital before it all starts. Lots of life...

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  1. Hi, Oyomesan. You know I am quite a keen follower of your blog. My husband took a look at this blog yesterday and said "very interesting". What does that mean???? ... Anyway, I will send you a postcard from Tuvalu tomorrow. Your parents in England will get one too. "When will you get it?" is the question! May take months.
    I am going to Kazakhstan for 19 days next month. My daugher will forget me, don't you think? I'm such a bad mom.