Friday, 9 January 2009


Thursday mornings I usually have a class. But it is still winter holidays for that company, so I stayed home. Just as well really.

6.30 am Wake up, make coffee, drink coffee, feed cat, watch TV.
7-8 am Check e mail. Eat bowl of cerial.
8 am Shower, dress.
8.15 am Collect trash bags from our locker, get trash from Okaasan. Take it all out.
8.30 am Get caught up watching some TV program he'd recorded.
9.15 am Vacumn our living room etc . Do our laundry.
10 am Shovel some snow on the side of the house.
10.30 am He starts cooking Okaasan's meal.
11 a.m. Okaasan comes into our house to eat with him - I exit into her house.
11.01-11.45 I vacumn, hunt the fridge/kitchen counter for any food she has bought that needs cooking (rescue 3 more lilly bulbs), put more insultation plastic on the windows, change the bedding, put away some of the endlessly drying laundry she scatters around, throw away orange peels, take away all the wet laundry sitting in her bathroom sink.
12.00 Back to my house. Put Okaasan's laundry in the machine.
12.15 Get work materials and clothes ready. Hang up Okaasan's laundry.
12.30 Wash and cook the lilly bulbs and put them in the fridge for tomorrow.
1 pm Cook and eat my own lunch.
1.45 pm Put on work clothes...and go to work. To relax!

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