Friday, 30 January 2009

Okaasan injured.

I came home tonight, by taxi to make sure I got home quick enough for the 6.45 pm family dinner time.
But Okaasan was not here.
She said she'd fallen over today on the ice and had hurt her knee a little, and so didn't want to eat anything. (This is her cure all for everything: don't eat!).

We quickly ate our dinner and then I went in to check on her.
She was sitting in her pyjamas watching Tv with a cold compress on a badly swollen right knee. She said she slipped on the ice and fell, but after that she continued walking downtown (about 1 km) and all round the shops. Then she felt it was painful, so she came home by street car!

This is one tough old lady.

Anyway. We'll see. her son did terrible ligament damage to the right knee and continued ski instructing for a few hours, so we will have to see what its like tomorrow.

I hate to say it. But this could be the small injury we hoped for which will get her into a hospital...and from THAT we might get her some medical attention for her memory etc...

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