Wednesday, 11 March 2009

"And today's word everyone is:Haggard!" (J)

Since I came back from England many students have said that my face is "slimmer"..."thinner".

While of course preening a bit and thinking it may be a compliment I kind of knew it wasn't true, because I've eaten loads in the UK...meat, cheese, Easter eggs....

Yesterday morning's students got out the dictionaries and found the exact word they really mean: haggard.

Yes. Well, that's probably more accurate.

I'm tired. Very tired at the moment. There never seems to be any empty time in life.

Yesterday was a busy working day, 3 big community center classes - and I had to to do extra time in the last class after complaints about the substitute teacher while I was in the UK. It was only an extra 20 minutes of teaching time..but factored in with other things it meant an extra half hour of public "Amanda-sensei" time and I was knackered by 4.30 pm.

Then I drove nearby to meet an old student at her parents' house. Her father died and her mum is in care, so she has the mammoth task of clearing out the house...a life time of possessions and furniture.
We toured the house while I decided which furniture WE could use at our was strange to be looking through a stranger's things like that, strange but necessary. That couple's life is closing...our "family" life is just starting...

Wonderfully I found a kitchen table and chairs, a kitchen cabinet, a wardrobe, a coffee table, a clothes rack...etc...we arranged a day when I'll get a removal van to go and pick it all up.
Tomoko looked relieved that she is getting rid of some of the furniture, I was very relieved to find some things for the house. It was a win-win situation.I promise we'll sit down in a garden this summer and have a relaxing beer together Tomoko!!!

Today is my day off. No jetlag to make me sleep until lunchtime. I'm going to pack and move several carloads of stuff today. I have to sort out and throw away a lot of video cassettes. DVDs are making videos obsolete. Okaasan has hula dancing and Yujiro will escort her to the sports center and do some rehabilitation on his leg.

Two weeks until we move!












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