Monday, 16 March 2009

How to shock an Okaasan. (J)

Yesterday after our successful trip to the house: we dug out the front door steps and found a huge shed - we came home and sat chatting with a beer and snacks.

For the first time since we decided THIS house I feel excited about the move again. I actually think our life can be better in this new home. Our life and Okaasan's life. It is such a warm, sunny place. And lots of space.

But. Yujiro got up the courage to tell me that I must be very careful about thing I do which he says would shock Okaasan! Living separately as we do now she doesn't see or know. But when we are living together....

And what shocking things do I do? Dear reader, are you ready for this?

* I must not throw the cat's uneaten cat food or anything else down the toilet bowl and then rinse the plate with the toilet bowl water! (even though of course I then take the cat plate/pan to the kitchen and wash it with hot water and washing liquid.)

* I must not use the same plates for cat food and human food. (I don't think I do this, but he says I do sometimes...)

He says she would be horrified to see this. Japanese people don't ever take a kitchen plate anywhere near the toilet...

Well. OK. I can try NOT to do these things. I get it....
As long as Okaasan also gets it that criticising my or his cooking after we've made food for her is equally a big NO NO. In MY culture that is rude.

But the good news: Yujiro agrees with me that getting Okaasan out of our way on Moving Day would be a good idea!!! Maybe he is secretly reading this Blog?
And his good idea is that the night before we take her to my English classroom and set up futon and TV and hot water pot there and let her stay there one night. Then we can come back and pack up her apartment and clothes and move it all. And then go and get her the next day when it is all moved.
Excellent. I can live with that.






それでは、ワタシがしているショッキングなことって何でしょう? 読者の皆さん、準備はいい?

  • ワタシはネコの食べ残しのエサやその他のものをトイレの便器に捨ててはいけない。それからその皿をトイレの便器の水ですすいではならない!(もっとももちろんワタシはネコの皿や鍋を台所に持っていき、温水と液体洗剤で洗っているわ)

  • ワタシはネコのエサと人間の食べ物に同じ皿を使ってはいけない。(こんなことをするとは考えないけど、彼はワタシが時々してるって言うのよ)



でも、いいニュースもあるの; ユウは、引越しの日にお義母さんをどこかに連れ出すのはいい考えだって賛成してるの!!!もしかして、彼、このブログをこっそり読んでたりして?



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