Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Last blog before THE move. (J)

This computer is going to be packed away in a box this morning - so this is the last blog from here.

All going well.

I have two days of busy work Monday and Tuesday. And Yujiro has two days of exciting baseball on Tv as Japan get near to winning the World Baseball Classic.

But somehow we are moving too!

We think Okaasan is putting clothes in boxes. Yujiro will go and help her this afternoon. After work last night I set up my English classroom for her - futon, TV, green tea, sewing machine etc. The plan is that we'll all meet there at the end of this afternoon and have dinner locally and then Okaasan will stay one night and we'll come home for a last few hours of packing before the trucks arrive at 9 am Wednesday.

Last night I had to go to the new house at 9pm. Just as I was finishing work Yujiro called to say that the nighttime low might be minus 5 and that he was worried about the water pipes in an uninhabited house. So I went to the house, found the electricity breaker in the dark and switched the heating onto low.
Strange to think that house will be our home 72 hours from now!

I will miss THIS house and garden and neighborhood . I lived around here since before I met Yujiro. Bye-bye single girl area.

So. A move to a new home. I can't believe still that I am going to live with my guy AND his mother. In Japan. In a Japanese house. Exciting, but quite scary. Sharing a kitchen and bathroom...err..having a love life in the same building as HIS mother...working out all those personal space issues...cooking Lilly bulbs...

See you on "the other side".












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