Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Long...long...long day...(J)

Looooong day.
And the moving day isn't until tomorrow!
The computer didn't get packed up yet, because Japan beat Korea in the World Baseball Classic - so Yujiro spent most of the day stuck to the TV and feeding Okaasan lunch.

I was working all day, 3 big classes - with students all excited about the baseball game and people gathering round television screens with strangers in public places.

At 5.30 pm I got back to my English classroom. Already pretty tired. Okaasan was settled in with the TV and her new sewing machine. BUT! She hadn't got her glasses and she hadn't brought the sewing scissors to cut the curtains. Of course by now they were probably in a box somewhere that Yujiro was busy packing in her apartment.

So. She and I sat and watched TV and drank tea. At 6.30 Yujiro came in and we went to a nice local restaurant to eat dinner and toast our move. We ordered food.
Then Okaasan came back from the toilet and confessed that she'd had suffered from incontinence...and wanted to go immediately to the nearby store and buy new underwear! And change into it...

So....while Yujiro sat with the food arriving at the table Okaasan and I put on our coats again and boots, and headed over the road to the store. Bought the underwear, changed into it, got bags from the shop staff for the soiled clothes ...and 25 minutes later got back to the table and started dinner...again.

Aghh...life with an elderly lady who refuses advice about being incontinent. We HAVE to tackle this situation soon. Get a care worker in to start getting Okaasan primed more about health and aging care.

So. We ate dinner. They drank alcohol. But I was driving. Then we made sure Okaasan was ok at the English school with bedding/heating/lights etc...and came home. Yujiro had drunk a bit too much...baseball happiness and moving stress...I was stone cold sober. Grrrr.....

I've just spent an hour or so finishing up the packing in Okaasan's apartment. Only 3 months ago we were setting up this apartment. I remember so well at the beginning of this blog worrying about curtains and kitchen things. Now we are taking it all apart and may not use it again....

Oh - and the Leader of the Opposition in Japan tearfully said he wouldn't be resigning in the latest political scandal - his live press conference was on Tv while I was scooping up the last of Okaasan's bits and pieces and taking down curtain rails.

Now it's 11 pm. I should go to bed. Tomorrow the moving vans and a strong friend are here at 9 am. Moving day will begin.








すでにすっかり疲れていたわ。お義母さんはテレビと新しいミシンといっしょにそこにいたわ。でもね! お義母さんはメガネとカーテンを切る裁ちばさみを持ってきていなかったの。もちろん今はもうそれらはたぶん箱の中。ユウが急いで荷造りしていたお義母さんのアパートのどこかのね。









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