Friday, 20 March 2009

Moving begins...a home starts to grow.(J)

Couldn't get near the computer last night - Yujiro is doing battle on Internet auction sites trying to buy an electric cooking range.

Operation Furniture was a success. We left home at 7 am. I dropped Yujiro at the house do to a list of handyman stuff and picked up Darcy-Australian-macho-man at 7.30 am. We were at Tomoko's parents' home just before 8 am.

The truck man was already loading furniture. It all fitted in the truck - and Tomoko had even found
Chawa-mushi bowls in her parents' kitchen. THESE are the bowls for the Japanese steamed savory custard that uses ----- YURINE/lilly bulbs!

We got back to the house at 9 am and unloaded stuff. Noriko and Heather arrived to help clean the place and we all set to wiping down, vacuuming and cleaning windows and light fittings.

The houses isn't dirty really. But a year of emptiness needed to be washed away. Thank you guys! Only Heather managed to stay on until a Thank You Sushi Lunch in Toriton - but thank you everyone!!! (The house may never be this clean again...)

We came home pretty tired late afternoon. But the house is begining to feel like a home now because of the furniture. I still can't believe how nice it is! I found out today that we have a heated toilet seat!!!! Small things..happiness.

We'd left Okaasan to herself today and she'd ordered in pizza. We cooked dinner - but when we called her, she was sleeping and woke up thinking it was morning already....and didn't want dinner. So we ate quietly together and talked about packing...

Later on TV I rewatched the movie "Iris", with Judi Dench and Jim Broadbent painfully wonderful as the writer Iris Murdoch and her husband John. It's about dementia and the decline of mind and self. I wondered if this will be our situation a year or two from now? I wonder how long Okaasan will coast along as she is doing now?

That onsen ticket that a friend gave me - I decided to use it WITH Okaasan later today after work. The hotel is very near and it would be a little outing for her and for me. I'd rather have gone with my friend - because this feels more like an Oyome-san duty -'s a nice thing to do for Okaasan and I will enjoy the onsen in between making sure she is safe with steps/hot water taps/pools and unfamiliar systems...

* P.S. We just discovered, Okaasan has been busy on Television Shopping! She bought a sewing machine...but when the delivery came she didn't have the money for it, and of course she doesn't have the company contact information. So we hope they might try to redeliver.












追伸 ワタシたちは発見したの。お義母さんがテレビショッピングに夢中だってこと! お義母さんはミシンを買ったの。でも、配達のときお義母さんは支払いのお金を持ってなかったの。そしてもちろん会社の連絡先の情報も持ってなかったわ。再配達してくれたらいいのになあ。

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