Sunday, 22 March 2009

Okaasan prepares to move...again.(J)

Today Okaasan really seemed to connect to the fact that we are about to move.

We showed her the curtains that we'd like her to shorten and told her that the table at my English school is nice and big for sewing curtains. "Wednesday would be a good day for doing curtains" we told her...I'm not sure if she has actually connected to our saying that she'll stay Tuesday night at my English classroom. I kind of wonder if Yujiro should sleep there with her?

To our surprise she also asked to have some b
oxes to start packing her things. Great! We thought maybe we would have to do it all. But she has actually made a start of putting clothes away.
A few days ago we tried to interest her in going shopping for the Greeting presents that it is traditional to give to new neighbors in Japan. But she didn't seem interested. So it's great that she IS connecting to the move and is prepared to pack some things.

It's tough on her. She did this in December too. I feel sorry for her having to do it again. But in the long term it is fo
r the best. Where she is going to be so much better and more comfortable. I can really imagine her pottering around the 3 rooms: bedroom, living and kitchen - cooking Lilly bulbs and strewing drying clothes on every available surface.

And so we are ready for Wednesday. He and I took one carload of stuff to the house today and tried a few furniture position changes. But there isn't much more we can do. The kitchen and the bedroom are clear of everything we won't need in the next few days. I've ironed my work clothes until Thursday. I've prepared all my lessons until Thursday.

Tonight is the last night for old Bob cat to be here in this house. He'll go to the vets for 3 nights tomorrow. Poor little bugger. He doesn't know WHAT is about to happen. But he senses it is something. He was quite clingy today and even jumped up to sit on Okaasan's lap before dinner. She let out a terrible wail. She really is scared of him. Let's hope the baby gate will work and keep them safely apart.

Bob, the most handsome cat in the world...taken last Easter with a chocolate chick and eggs.

Anyway. I'm off to watch American Idol on TV. It's our complete addiction.












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