Friday, 3 April 2009

The day after...(J)

Last night after work I caught a subway in the opposite direction to home and went to a friend's apartment - and cried it all out for 2 hours on her sofa.

All the frustration, anger, worries about this whole situation poured out. The salt and responses to my cooking of course is just the trigger - a few months of pent up stuff had to flow.

My friend made me coffee and listened and made sooothing noises and gave gentle advice. I worked my way through her box of tissues. There's nothing like a really good cry to get it all out of your system. And make your eyes puffy and bloodshot.

After 2 hours we went to a restaurant near her apartment and ordered a vast shabu-shabu
(meat and vegetables cooked in a table top broth) course dinner with beer and plum wine and forgot about men and their mothers. It was so good. I drank a lot of beer and laughed a lot and dropped noodles on the table top. Came home on the late subway with hard-working businessmen in their spring coats.

This morning Yujiro and I got up early and didn't talk about yesterday at all. We treated eachother gently and politely.

I suggested our first 2009 early morning walk (this is our habit in no-snow months) and we set off to find the entrance to the park near the house. Tenji-Yama Park is famous for cherry blossoms, but where we live that is all a month away still. Now there is lots of hard, dirty snow. It was a bit dangerous for Yujiro's leg. I held his arm over the dangerous bits. We looked at the shrine and the little ema (wooden boards on which people write their prayers for health, happiness and in this season - exam success).We admired the great views of distant, snowy mountains. It was quiet and sunny and cold. Only us and a few dog walkers.

We walked quietly and forgave eachother for yesterday's dramas.
Came home and put out the trash. I swept up the street round the trash station. He showed off his latest Internet auction purchase.













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