Friday, 3 April 2009

Dinner for salt.(J)

Well. Yujiro left me to it. Threw me in the deep end.
He left me alone for the weekend with Okaasan.

OH NO! Oh yes. Oh my god.

His ski race staff job came through and late afternoon he e mailed me to say he'd decided it was best to stay up at the ski school TWO nights...and come home Sunday afternoon.

Shocked and scared. That was my feeling. Only 2 nights after the spaghetti and salt fiasco I was going to have to "do" Okaasan for two meals at least...and talk...and help...etc etc...

But I want Yujiro to have time away from the domestic dramas. He needs guys time drinking beer and talking about skiing. He hasn't had that all winter. And this ultimately is what I've signed up for - when he is away working I will HAVE to feed Okaasan and have a life with her. So, jump in and get on with it.

So I came home from work at 6 pm with a panicky feeling. The house was empty. I hunted round the fridge - trying to decide what to do. This? That? or this? aghhh!!!

I decided on Spanish Omelet, the remains of the shrimp sauce from the spaghetti drama, canned crab salad, rice, miso soup...all doable. Not exciting. But doable. My mother used to make Spanish omelet. I can do this.

Okaasan came home at 6.45 pm. She asked where Yujiro was and seemed ok with the fact that he is : "away working"....

I politely refused her offers of kitchen help and while she watched TV in her living room I put dinner together.

We sat down to it about 7.20 pm. I secretly added more salt to her omelet and salad.
We ate and sat and chatted. Amazingly - she has FINISHED the living room curtain sewing!!!! So I praised her sewing and the sewing topic led on to how she'd sewn military uniforms at school during the war, and how Kawagoe had been spared American bombs and how there wasn't any rice to eat, and how they'd only eaten yams etc etc
We did the same topics quite a few times. She ate the food. Chatted away. Didn't add salt to it. Ate it all. Praised the soup.

Finally at 8.30 pm we'd finished. She started washing plates and I cleared the table. At that point the chair I'd been sitting on fell apart - I guess it was the strain of my nervous excitement or something. (actually I think the leg was wonky before and Yujiro has obviously failed to repair it). But Okaasan and I both had a giggle about it.

Agh. I did it. Dinner at home with just me and Okaasan.
It wasn't great. But it was ok. And she seemed happy enough chatting away with her wartime memories. I've now come upstairs to watch TV with the cat. And I am on my second beer.
This weekend will be an interesting one.





まさか! そうよね。さあ、大変。





それで、ワタシは6時にパニック状態で仕事から家に戻ったの。家はからっぽだったわ。ワタシは冷蔵庫を探し回って、何にするか決めようとしたの。これは? それは? それともこっちは? あーあ。










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