Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Life goes on...(J)

Just in case this Blog appears to be a series of dramas and negative events...

We do sometimes actually all get along and have a nice time! Last night I got home from work via the sewing shop where I'd bought blackout material for the bedroom curtains.(It's already sunny here at 5 am...and it's only April. Next I have to blackout the cat's brain at 5 am so he doesn't shout for breakfast!!)
Yujiro cooked nikujagar (a kind of potato and beef stew), the three of us ate dinner round the kithen table and chatted about this and that: earthquakes, food in the war, famous people who were born in Hokkaido, Yubari city and that-woman-singer-who-was-born-there....

Ordinary life. We sat and chatted for an hour or so. We drank beer. Okaasan drank green tea. Then we went back upstairs to our rooms and she did the washing up. I may never have to wash up after dinner again...there IS an advantage to living with Okaasan....Everyone watched TV...Okaasan fell asleep on the carpet under the heated table blanket....we went to bed and put towels across the curtains to block the light. The cat was sick at 10.30 pm and I got up to give him a quick injection. This passes for nromal in our lives...

and today - Wednesday - is my day off. We are going to foregt about house and Okaasan and go out for the day. Just the two of us. We'll check by GPS to make sure Okaasan remembers to go to hula dance.






  1. Thankyou Sophia!

    Nice to know people out there are enjoying it....I started writing this at the suggestion of a student...and it became a kind of confessional for me in times of stress...I guess I hope that if another foreign woman...or ANY woman who finds themselves suddenly living with her Okaasan she might feel comfort in knowing what we have been through.

    I have no idea how many people are reading this...I KNOW of about 30-40 people, students, friends etc...but who knows?!!