Sunday, 26 April 2009

Lilly bulbs - finally used. Yatta! (J)

Those lilly bulbs (yurine) finally got used.
By Okaasan.

It was only the small packet of bulbs that have been lurking in the fridge for a few weeks, not the fresh bulbs which have been nestling in sawdust in a bag on the shelf - but still....we have a small success.

Yujiro had another go at Okaasan Friday morning about buying stuff which needs cooking and then never using it.

So, when I came home after work he said they'd been at the supermarket together to buy the ingredients for chawamushi. This is a little pot of savory egg custard with chicken, beans, fish paste and mushrooms inside. It's about the only thing any of my Japanese friends can think to DO with lilly bulbs.

About 6.15 Okaasan started cooking. Yujiro supervised the whole thing. I popped in and out to see the action. Endless soaking. chopping, straining, mixing, adding salt...
Okaasan really needs someone to stand by and supervise when she cooks. Her short term memory doesn't help her know what she has just done or the order of things. It's a constant series of little checking questions.

Yujiro is an absolute Saint! He manages somehow to remian calm at the endless little confusions.

I went out to pick up the order sushi and at 7.45 we finally sat down to dinner. The chawmushi was good. A little undercooked.
But good. Looked very professional. I almost resisted the temptation to add loads of salt to mine (and see how SHE likes it!), but I controlled the malicious urge and only added a bit of soy sauce.

So. That's good. Okaasan cooked in the new kitchen. Some lilly bulbs got used. And we learned how to make chawmushi, so next time one of us can make it.









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