Monday, 13 April 2009

Peaceful day. (J)

Sunday. Sunny day. A day at home relaxing. At last.
It was also exactly ONE year since Yujiro's terrible ski accident when he crashed into a tree and did a nasty compound fracture to his leg. 3 months in hospital. 10 months of rehabilitation, reinjury at Xmas to the same leg. A year ago today our lives changed.

So today a day of peace. Easter Sunday actually. But Easter isn't a festival in Japan.

I gardened for 3 hours, digging out bamboo grass roots and clearing the rubbish into TEN bags. He repaired kitchen chairs and watched sports programs on TV. Okaasan watched TV, pottered around and endlessly opned and closed the drawers of a chest we found for her.

I haven't had a relaxing Sunday at home for such a long time. It was wonderful. This house is so quiet on a Sunday. The cat came and joined me for a bit of gardening and enjoyed the sunshine too.

Okaasan apologised for not helping: "I like flowers, but I don't really like gardening"...I told her it was absolutely no problem !!!!! I LOVE gardening and it is my escape from a week of people and talking. I like my job. But in my time off I enjoy solitude.

Late afternoon I called an old friend who lives in Saitama. She used to be my roommate along time ago. There are 3 women who I call my "Japanese sisters", we were all room mates when I first came to Japan. Izumi is a public health nurse.
She gave me the third degree about Okaasan. It was JUST like a city office care worker interview! It was the kind of interview I want to get someone to come here and do with Yujiro and Okaasan. Now the moving frenzy is settling down it is time to get on his case about arranging that. I don't think there is much care necessary/will be accepted for/by Okaasan at the moment, but if the local care people at least have us on their books then it will all be easier when we DO need public help.

In the evening I took the cat to the vets for a big injection and we took Okaasan to a local izakiya for dinner. It was so-so. Sunday night and slow cooking and service. We came home to find that the cat had got through the baby gate and was walking around the kitchen looking confused and angry. So the big injection obviously revitalised him!

But a good Sunday. We all relaxed.









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