Sunday, 19 April 2009

Quiet weekend. (J)

Still feeling tired. But ok.

Yesterday I worked until 6 pm. I came home and Yujiro cooked an amazing Chinese dinner using package foods. Later we drank a nice bottle of wine and watched American Idol.

Today I felt tired. But we did our early morning walk and then I got out to do the gardening. Trying to clear the second area at the front of the house. Hard physical work is very relaxing.

I set up the laundry poles and stands near Okaasan's window. She came out to check that the position was ok...and then helpfully told me that if I patted the sheets hard they wouldn't have creases in them! "Isn't it embarrassing that everyone can see the creases in the sheets?" she asked.
!!!!!It's this traditional thing in Japan that an older person feels happy to offer advice to a younger person. I'm nearly 50 years old. I've been washing sheets for a few years quite successfully on my own now. How I hang my sheets is my business....I can't imagine my parents telling Yujiro how to hang his sheets. But in Japan...

I smiled sweetly and said I had no embarrassment about my sheets at all. If she wanted to go and pat them down that was fine by me.

We had a tense little mix up over lunch plans unfortunately. I made a plan for lunch with a friend. (I do still have some...), but Yujiro thought I was home for lunch and started cooking. Then I moved the friend meeting time to 3.30 pm...and then he and I had a mix up over whether lunch was with Okaasan or not. A bit of couple stress and grimness. More tense conversations in the utility room. It's hard to have scenes as a couple when his mother is in the same room as you. Was life always so hard? I remember carefree seems so recent.

We ate together. I gardened some more. I went out to meet my friend for cake and coffee.

She came with me to shop for fish in Mitsukoshi. It's like the Harrods of Japan. I've bought some expensive scallops for dinner. AND a packet of sauce for them!! AhHA! Oyomesan cheats on the cooking. Yes. I'll add more salt and hope that it is acceptable.

I have no more energy left this weekend for any more dramas.









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