Sunday, 5 April 2009

The secret garden. (J)

Another good day.

I went walking early - found the big cemetery on the hill near here and walked it in the crisp dawn sunshine. It's fun to explore the area.

After breakfast I went out to find the garden. Clear away some of the dead plant material and see what I have to work with! But I found some spring bulbs among the and shrubs - but there is so much bamboo grass. I'll have to get a machine to cut it all out - and tackle the roots.

Okaasan could obviously see me outside, so after a while she came out too and we poked around the jungle together. Okaasan loves flowers, but I don't think she is much of an actual gardener - she seemed to think bits of grass may be flowers!
Anyway it was nice to explore our territory together in the Sunday monring sunshine. I even went and brought the cat downstairs so HE could sit on the front doorstep and look a bit stunned. He's pretty weak now and although he enjoyed smelling the air and grass, I don't think we have to worry that he will go very far. I am more worried about crows attacking him.

After that I went off to meet a friend for lunch. Okaasan seemed to have plenty of food that she'd bought which was still on the kitchen table - fruit, noodles, cake, yogurt - I wasn't too worried.

Around 2 pm when my friend and I got home Okaasan arrived back shortly after too and she made us Japanese TV and gave us sweet seasonal rice cakes...we had some jokes in the kitchen about the Japanese tea ceremony manners etc. Okaasan loves jokes, she has such a sweet giggle.

This evening though: were went to the kitchen to make dinner. Yujiro was home. Our friend stayed on - and when it was all ready Okaasan said: "Oh no, I don't want to eat!". She could see us there in the kitchen cooking - WHY didn't she say earlier??? Aghh....

Never mind. Basically a very good day.










でも今晩;夕食を作るために台所に行ったの。ユウは家にいたわ。ワタシたちの友人がまだいて・・・全部準備ができたとき、お義母さんが言ったの;「あらあら、わたしは食べたくないわ!」お義母さんは台所で料理をしていたそこのワタシたちを見ることができたわ・・・どうして早く言わなかったの??? あーあ。


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