Saturday, 25 April 2009

Spring fever...good and bad. (J)

Early morning we went to Nishioka Park to see the swamp plants bursting into spring green. Thankyou to Tamiko and Ritsuko for inspiring this - Tamiko's recent pictures of Nopporo Forest Park and Ritsuko's recent visit to Nishioka reminded me about this beautiful place.

Then we came home and I started fence making!
Well actually hole making and fence putting up. Amazingly luckily the elderly lady who lives across the road had a workman in to take down the winter wrapping on her garden bushes - and HE lent me his hole digging tool.

It made it so easy - and now I am the proud owner of a picket fence.

Okaasan spent the whole morning watching TV and hanging laundry...and telling me again that I could hang my laundry in a better style. This time I let her bully me into hanging my bathrobe differently...and I noticed she rehung some towels after I came inside. That's ok ...if it is so important to her, she can rearrange laundry. I don't care, but I don't like the whining if she thinks she isn't going to get her way and the handing out of unasked for advice.

I am such the opposite of her. Housework/cooking is something I do because I have to, in between the more interesting things of life. To her it is everything. Doing it correctly. She must despair of me as a woman.

In Japan it's this older/younger thing. Olders feel they should guide youngers.
Maybe I should advise HER about leaving bowls of wet laundry around so long that they go mouldy, or the food in the fridge that goes uneaten, or the clothes strewn around the sofa and floor...or maybe not. Grrr...

But all was basically well. I went to work. I came home. We ate savory pancakes. We chatted about stuff.

Tried to prod Okaasan on using the packet of lilly bulbs that have been sitting in the fridge for 4 weeks...but she seems so detached from food once she has bought it. She looked at the packet a few times, talked vaguely about making savory custard with the lilly bulbs..and then put them back in the fridge.
If I have time this weekend I'll try and get her to make/help me make the custard dish..but if not - I'll just throw away the bulbs. They look like they are going soft in the plastic bag. There are two more whole bulbs too...I am gonna plant those!

Okaasan seemed a bit tired. She claimed to have walked all the way from Minami Hiragishi to Tanuki Koji downtown! We don't think she actually did, maybe a subway and walk trip. is possible maybe...she is an amazingly active 78 year old.

The night was horrendous.
The cat seems to have gone crazy. He had me up and down from bed between 1 am and 3.30 am with yowling to be allowed out. Really loud. I finally slept on the sofa in my bathrobe.
I don't know what's wrong with him. Alczheimer's Disease maybe? Spring fever? Grrrr...













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