Friday, 1 May 2009

Cooking success..and then some. (J)

I came home tonight all ready to cook stuffed onions - because Okaasan had bought a large bag of onions last week...after we'd bought onions already. So we are trying to use them all.

But Okaasan was in the kitchen with today's purchase - a pack of fermented rice and fish. It's the origins of sushi. Very strong tasting stuff. Very traditional food. She'd bought it at a department store this afternoon.

So...we all agreed that SHE would eat that with rice and soup; I would cook the stuffed onions for us. I didn't mind at all. She would eat what she wanted. And I could add spicy seasoning and cheese to our dish. (and less salt of course!) It was nice to be able to cook in the big kitchen and not worry about what she would think of the taste etc.

So...I prepared rice and soup for Okaasan. Stuffed onions and potatoes for us. We all sat down..and started our respective dinners... then Okaasan noticed what we were eating and saying: Oiishiii!"...and then asked if she could help ended up eating her dinner and a good portion of ours too!






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