Saturday, 2 May 2009

Gardening joy....Shopping joy. (J)

Two women. Two different pleasures.

Okaasan went into town today to buy a T-shirt for Y16,000! That's something like $160 for T-shirt! Amazing. Yujiro went with her to make sure she didn't buy anything else. And to pay for the T-shirt on his credit card and get some points.

I stayed home. And gardened solidly for 5 hours. Finished digging over all of the rough ground and sorting out stones and roots. So satisfying.
I can see it taking shape.

I might get round to planting grass seed tomorow or the next day. On the left is the area I did today, and on the right is the area near the front door I did the other day.

Tomorrow I might seed the grass..or I might plant out the sweet pea seeds that I have grown. They are sitting here behind me now on the table. Look! case you have been wondering WHAT a lilly bulb looks like. Here it is. Two of them. Okaasan bought them sometime in early they are sprouting. Today I "liberated" them from a bag in Okaasan's room and gave them a new home - in the garden. She'll never know....when they come up and flower I'll just say: "Oh look! Lillies, the people who lived her before us must have planted them."
I am evil.

二人の女 二つの異なる楽しみ






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