Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Gentle life. (J)

Today I tried to have the gentle life. Stayed home all day. Did as little as possible.

I tied a few sweet peas to sticks. I watered the lazy grass seeds. I sat and watched movies (The Queen and That's Entertainment II). We had family lunch of tofu and veggies. I cooked Thai Chicken for dinner. Okaasan went to Hula Dance. Okaasan chatted brightly with Yujiro at dinner all about memories long ago when he was small. She becomes a different person when she talks about 50 years ago...

and the knee? Still a bit swollen. Feels painful sometimes. A bit hot. I hate this thing. I worry that I won't hike ANY mountains this summer.

I obviously have to go back to the hospital. But J hospitals take such a long time - you can easily sit around for 2 or 3 hours waiting to be seen. It's hard when you are trying to work. Will try for Friday morning. Maybe.

Maybe H1N1 Flu will arrive in Hokkaido and the culture center will close classes, and then I can close my school too. And stay home with the knee. That would be a blessing in disguise!

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