Sunday, 17 May 2009

Into the weekend.

We thought it might be good to try out the Korean restaurant near the subway station this Saturday night - because one of Okaasan's favorite chat themes is how much she loves Korean food and how a tour guide once agreed with her that it is "the best cuisine in the world"...

I had a busy day Saturday at work, so we planned to try and meet up near the station at the end of the day.

But lunchtime Okaasan told Yujiro she had an inflamed gum again and didn't want to eat much lunch..or dinner. Certainly not go out for food. "I can fix something myself...rice and soup...".

Yay! So. We had a date evening. He picked me up from work and we went instead to a cheap and cheerful Italian near home and drank far too much cheap white wine. Walked home merrily through the park where a small, cold festival was trying to celebrate cherry blossoms.

I wondered if this reoccurring gum problem might be a way we can get her along for the necessary medical check that the social services require her to have before she can formally be on their books.

But seeing as she adamantly refused to go to a doctor when she had that bad knee injury back in the winter, I can't see a little gum ache will be any use.

I met a friend on Friday who talked about her aging parents and how the social services came out to reassess them (it's part of a national thing here as the Japanese government tries to wipe a few million clients off its care lists). She urged me to get the hospital visit done. I know...I know! I've mentioned it several times to Yujiro, that before he starts work - he must use the free weekdays to some how get Okaasan to a hospital for a basic checkover.

But he seems to stall. And she will definitely need persuading. I feel a bit frustrated that I can't do more about this myself.

It will take more than sore gums to get her there I think.

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