Sunday, 10 May 2009

Mother's Day. (J)

Today is Mother's Day in Japan. Always used to catch me out (when my mother was alive) because in England it's in March.

Yujiro came back from shopping this morning with a basket of carnations for Okaasan. And tonight I gave her a framed picture of our trip to Maruyama Park last week AND a very cute little rice roll which had the face of a mother made out of vegetables and seaweed. Sadly she ate it before I thought to take a picture!

A quiet day for all of us.
I tried to do gentle life by sitting down more. My knee was better, but still a bit hot and swollen. Monday and Tuesday at work at going to be hard. I have to move in class and walk to the classrooms. Yujiro scored his first sale on his Internet auction hobby and Okaasan watched Tv and went for a late afternoon walk...but came back by 6 pm.
The cat noisily defended his territory from various local strays.





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