Sunday, 24 May 2009

Normal life? (J)

Sorry...didn't blog for a day of two.
There didn't seem to be anything to blog about!

Now THAT is actually amazing. It shows that I feel life is just settling down into a nice routine and I can't think anyone else would like to read about it.

So. Here are the boring, but nice highlights.

Friday and Saturday I worked at my classroom near bye. Yujiro took me into work by car. The knee is actually beginning to feel stronger. I haven't hiked mountains yet, or even made it to the post office, but it feels almost normal around the house.

Friday night he cooked curry. Okaasan wasn't home by 7 pm. So we started without her. Is it my imagination, or do we both RUSH to get dinner on the table and eaten - before she appears?!!
She rolled in about 7.30 pm: "Oh? I thought tonight you were going to a Korean restaurant?" (err...THAT was a conversation and plan a week ago...). We served her plate of curry. Washed up our own plates and left her to eat alone in the kitchen.

Saturday night he had his favorite sashimi. We gave Okaasan the 5 minute warning that dinner was almost ready, so that she can do toilet visits and hand washing while we are serving rice and soup and lining up all the plates. This time she didn't come back from the toilet for ages...I went to look...and found her standing outside the front door (in her pyjamas) looking at the night sky...taking in the evening air!
I guess she'd forgotten that we'd announced dinner in the minute or two she was in the toilet. Sweet!

Anyway. It's been a nice, gentle Sunday. I did a little gardening. We ate lunch outside. He watched TV. I read a book in the sunshine. The cat dozed. Okaasan went out shopping.
The garden is getting all green and interesting...and the grass is poking up through the soil!

So there. Nice boring life. After the past year's events I am so happy to have a non-eventful 3 days.



  1. I don't know how you do it! I would be rushing to finish dinner before Granny K appeared - if we had to eat with her that is. I don't think I would have lasted this long if we hadn't built her add on kitchen.

    Hope the doctor's visit helps the knee - and that you do wear a brace. I can't imagine teaching all day and having to be genki and walking round the classroom with a sore knee.

    Of late I have been getting all stuff ready for English and plonking pregnant self down for whole lesson. I have even perfected heads shoulders knees and toes sitting down - although of course I can't reach my toes anymore!!

  2. Hi there!

    It would be great to have separate kitchen...but one of the main reasons we moved her up here to Hokkaido from Saitama was that she'd stopped cooking for herself and when she did try she left a trail of burned pans behind her...

    But this 7 pm Dinner idea is great - because if she isn't home by then we don't feel bad about going ahead and eating without her! And she OFTEN comes home late...yippeee!

    YOU are doing great - i've never been pregnant, but I can't imagine teaching kids classes in the final do you do it???

    You could of course get the students to gather round your belly and do "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" on the bunster!! That would ensure a quick arrival.