Saturday, 30 May 2009

Oh shit. (J)

What IS it with my nearest and dearest this past year?

Dad phoned tonight to say that my step-mum had a bad car accident on Thursday and is in hospital in a bad way. Maybe broken ribs. On oxygen. Lots of bruises. Internal stuff. She's 81? 82? I forget.


Luckily this time her sister Liz is in England (when Dad collapsed in February she was away), so she has swung into action to help... as always.

And as chance would have it: on Wednesday next week Dad himself is in hospital for a big scan/test to find out why he fainted in February. The UK health service moves at a pace to shame a snail.

So. I knew this would happen. Both of them - Dad and Jane - their driving is terrible now. Bad judgement about corners and road width and car width. It was only a matter of time. They live out in the middle of the countryside so driving is essential.

They don't really know what happened. Jane was coming home after taking the cleaning lady home...and somehow she drove the car up a bank and flipped it completely over. Smashed it. Someone heard the crash and got the emergency people there quick. Two fire engines. Police. Ambulance. It took time to cut her out of the wreckage because she was hanging upside down.


So many things are going through my head.
I knew this was going to happen.
And Dad has gone and got a large car off the insurance company to drive. He hasn't driven much at all recently. He too is an accident waiting to happen.

What IS it with my life since April 2008? Who did I piss off up there?


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  1. Spent a quiet day (the knee is happy).

    I sewed blackout material into the bedroom curtains, Okaasan sewed a large patch on Yujiro's gave up control of the vacumn cleaner and Okaasan did her own rooms.

    Last night we finally took Okaasan to the Korean restaurant. She told the story of going to the Korean restaurant in Shinjuku so many times - to us and to the staff - but she couldn't actually remember what she ALWAYS ate!
    We ordered bibimba...and that was great.
    Happiness all round.

    No news from England...more tests I think...