Monday, 18 May 2009

Sorting the trash.

I just went to ask Okaasan if she had any plastics or cans to throw away today in the trash.

She gave some old yogurt pots.

And then she sorted through the pile of plastic bags by her sofa....

and gave me FIVE bags full of stuff! All mixed in: banana peels, paper, tissues, sweet wrappers, ear cleaners, cracker bags, department store receipts...etc etc.

Agh. I think I do enough family service. Maybe we don't need a trip to see flowers. Grrrrr.

It's strange, because in Japan everyone sorts out trash into types. But she just doesn't. She snacks on stuff by the TV and then puts it in a plastic bag and puts it to one side by the table...and so they mount up. She of course quickly forgets what is inside a bag.

We gave her two trash cans clearly marked...but...but...she uses them...and the endless plastic bags. I can just imagine what her home in Saitama must have been like.

Time to go to work.

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