Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Two days of work - out at 9.30 am...home at 7/ pm....and the knee isn't great.

I am so fed up of walking slowly and not being able to get things I need. Monday afternoon at Homac I had to stand by the cashdesk and send the staff scurrying for sticks for the sweetpeas etc.

Hah. I feel fat and slow and old.

Just waved at Okaasan really on my way in and out. Yujiro had dinner on the table for me within 10 minutes of me getting home. He really is a great house-husband. He makes the domestic part of life so much easier. He goes for a job-interview I am appreciating all his housewifeing help while he is here.

He said that he met Okaasan out near the park the other day. She was standing talking to another old lady. After he did all the shopping and walking he came home and they were HERE - standing in our parking area! STILL talking!

Okaasan really has a knack of chatting to strangers. It's very un-Japanese. I admire her for it. Funnily enough I did a class this week about striking up a conversation with strangers...she is out there chatting to women-with-dogs, women-with-gardens, women-with-kids....good for her! I don't need to worry about her social life.

So today. Another "gentle-life" day off. I shall try to tie up the sweetpeas to sticks...and I may pull up a few weeds. Other than that...word games on the the curtains with blackout material...TV...aghh

そこで、今日は、また、“穏やかな生活”をする休みの日。スイトピーを棒に縛ってみるつもりよ・・・それから少し草むしりもするかもしれない。その他に・・・コンピューターで言葉あそび・・・遮光素材でカーテンを縫って・・・テレビ・・・あああああ・・・いらいらする・・・いいお天気なのよ-ハイキングに行きたいわ。's a beautiful day - I want to go hiking.


  1. I followed you from Vicky's blog, oh my gosh.. can you belive we've been in Japan for that long- well I have been here only a tad bit under nine years...

  2. Yes...I sometimes wonder how it all happened!

    I came here as the last country of my Year Off World Travelling...and planned to stay one year to do some English teaching and delay the return to Normal Life.

    And now I am doing all of DID it happen?