Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Freeze! Sapporo!...the video! (J)

Had 2 days at work...felt bad today for some reason. Bad stomach ache. Maybe I ate some of Okaasan's kotatsu food stores and didn't know it...my students are lovely people and they make going to work fun. But it felt like work.

Good thing was the knee felt much stronger and I finally walked 3 blocks to my bank at lunchtime and registered my new address. It feels so good to walk normally through the city again. I feel like a joined society again a bit. And maybe I can walk in airports next week.

I went and got my air ticket too...so off to England next Wednesday. I've almost lined up substitute teachers for the NHK classes. The managers have been understanding.

But came home tonight to find 2 nice surprises: a letter from my uncle in Spain...I haven't heard from him for ages and rather feared the worst. He's my mum's brother.

AND! The video for the Freeze event we did in Odori Park a few weeks ago.
Only 18 people and it was raining...but this will be a great recruiting tool for the next Freeze.
I am wearing a green coat and standing on the grass with another woman looking at my broken umbrella.
Thanks Jeff for making the video!



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  1. I am so glad that you are going back to see your Dad. I hope it will help him and help you feel less far away too. Glad your knee is getting better - just in time for airport trogs!

    We were going to go to the freeze but we had visitors just arrived from New Zealand the night before and their little boy was still very tired so we gave the idea up and stayed close to home. Let us know when the next one is because I would like to join if possible!!