Friday, 19 June 2009

It's my laundry! (J)

Here is a casual picture Shibata-san took of us when she came last week to take my picture for her photo project: Foreign Wives.

Her photo of me is me only and that was in the local park - but when she came back here to the house to interview me she snapped a quick shot of us all in the kitchen. I look tired...Yujiro looks mad...Okaasan looks great!
The kitchen looks...err...lived in.....

Quiet day here. I didn't have so many classes, so I had a quiet morning at home - catching up on computer stuff like accounts...and cramming in a few more episodes of the American Tv drama LOST. Season 5 starts tomorrow on cable TV. I am trying to see Season 4 back-to-back.

I had a little tussle with Okaasan this morning over How to Hang Laundry. Afterwards I felt guilty for being snappy. But I REALLY don't like being told how to hang up my laundry! She came out to join me at the laundry poles - initially because she thought her laundry might be taking up too much room. It wasn't, and I said she didn't need to move anything. THEN she started telling me how/where I should peg up the jeans and the towels...she does it in a nice way. But it just rubs me up the wrong way. I'm almost 50 years old. I can hang up laundry how I like!
I tried to be nice and smiley later at lunch to ease my guilt.

Not good news from England. My step-mum is still unable to eat through her mouth. She is hardly reacting to Dad when he goes into see her. He sounds so sad. They are moving her to a rehabilitation ward. She has only sat up out of bed once. She can't move herself in bed still.
I asked the travel agent to check me an air ticket for maybe the week after next. Time to go I think.


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