Friday, 5 June 2009

No news really....(J)

No news from England really.

I couldn't get hold of Dad this morning or this evening. England is about 8 hours back from Japan.
He sounded so stressed when I last called, too many people calling and asking about Jane I think. Everyone means well of course, but it's tiring to keep answering the phone.

When Dad had his accident in February Jane got a wonderful Carer called Del to come and look after her for 2 weeks. Del and I stayed in contact by e mail and she said yesterday she'd managed to get into the hospital and see Jane. She was shocked at how she looked.

I'll try Dad again tonight before I go to bed. HE went to hospital on Wednesday for tests to find out why he suddenly fainted in February. He's also started driving the car he bought last week - but my step-aunt Liz says she's already noticed scratches and grass marks on maybe he's already had a close encounter with the verge or hedge...


Meanwhile close to home:

* I had lunch with a friend today but had to walk about 100 yards from the car to the restaurant. The knee hurts again.

* Two of my students gave me very Japanese homemade foods yesterday - big success with Okaasan. It was wild vegetables and fish paste, burdock and carrot...and some very good cucumber pickles. I am pretty sure Mieko and Sugiko are not on computers and therefore will never read this - so I'll be sure to say a big thankyou to them next week.

* Yujiro and I are dressing up tomorrow like a stylish couple (!!!!!!) and going to a wedding. A ski instructor friend of his is tieing the knot. I hope the food is worth Y13,000 or $130...
Okaasan will hopefully eat my students' Japanese foods.

* A student today talked about how her mother's dementia had progressed...the family had first noticed strange behaviour about 7 years ago...and then 3 or 4 years ago it got her mother often doesn't know who she is! I thanked my lucky stars that we only have late-homecoming/a messy room/repeated stories and allmixed up trash to worry about at the moment.

    * きょうワタシは友人とのランチに行ったのだけれど、車からレストランまで100ヤード(90メートル強)くらい歩かなければならなかったの。膝がまた痛いわ。 
  • きのう二人の生徒がとても日本的な手作りの食べ物をくれたの-お義母さんに大当たりよ。それは野草と魚のすり身、ゴボウと人参・・・それにすごくおいしいキュウリの漬け物よ。ミエコさんとスギコさんはコンピューターを使わないはずだから、これを読まないわね-必ず来週二人に心からお礼を言うわ。


  1. I've been reading along and not commenting which is very bad.... Sorry about that. Now it's Friday night and I'm done for the week so I am coming back to say how sorry I am to hear about your Step-mum and your Dad's situation. I can see how very worrying it is for everyone and how difficult it must be for you so far away. It's something that is going to come to all of us foreign wives eventually and I wonder how I'll cope when its my turn.....

    Keep your chin up. No advice, just wanted you to know that someone is reading this and taking it in.

  2. Thankyou Vicky! all gets harder when you are doing these family situations at a distance..because decisions about going/not going get all tied up with work schedules and airline tickets...

    I rushed back in February when dad fainted and broke his ankle...
    this time I am holding back before dropping everything and heading back.