Friday, 12 June 2009

Okaasan and cooking dinner. (J)

Last night we went out to dinner with some Couch Surfers who are staying at my English school.

Okaasan stayed home and seemed to have managed some kind of dinner. Yujiro told her to help herself to anything in the fridge.

Of course Okaasan doesn't remember what she ate - but looking in the trash can later and around the kitchen, I am guessing she ate an instant noodle pack, some miso soup and maybe made up some of that amasake paste. Hardly exciting or nutritional - but enough. She snacks away on yogurts, bananas, rice crackers she won't starve.

Back in the winter when we all started this new living arrangement one of my big worries was that we'd be tied to the kitchen and cooking for her. But - she can fend for herself enough. Either ordering food delivery or doing something simple in the kitchen.

Relief! We can actually have a social life!

This weekend in Sapporo is the Yosakoi Dance Festival a huge community dance event with hundreds of teams and thousands of spectators. Okaasan has already realized f rom TV that there is a food court out in the park - I think she'll be there every day from now.

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