Friday, 26 June 2009

Trash station thief. (J)

Sapporo is in the grips of gomi-fever...or trash-fever.
From July 1st there is a new system coming in where we all have to buy special yellow bags for certain non-recyclable trash (at least I think so, it all seems confusing to me).
The upshot is that everyone is in a last glorious throw-out unwanted stuff week and the trash stations around town are huge!

This is the trash station across the street from us one morning.

Actually, I spotted some garden chairs in the I flung on some clothes early morning and went down to investigate. I picked 2 chairs out of the trash and brought them back to check they were ok and just needing cleaning. Perfect for the BBQ we are planning on Sunday!

Okaasan came rushing out, chatting away about how I couldn't take things from the trash station because the stuff belonged to the city council. I said it wasn't the city's until 8.30 am when the trash truck comes - and the neighbors didn't want these they were in ownership limbo - and thus fair game. I kept it all light and friendly: saying it was problem...I am not embarrassed to go rooting through trash and recycling unwanted things. (Some of my best bits of furniture come from the trash...). Okaasan retreated inside in befuddlement.

Yujiro told me later that in Okaasan's home city in Saitama there is actually a local law that it is ILLEGAL to take stuff from trash stations! (I wasn't understanding the key word for "illegal" in Okaasan's twittering, I just thought this was yet another Japanese manners/shame/public behaviour thing). So. That's why she was so twitchy about it. Apparently this is an unusual law. And when Okaasan heard this fact she apologised to me!!! Sweet...

and the garden chairs? They will be great for the BBQ.


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