Sunday, 12 July 2009

and Okaasan?

This blog is titled Okaasan and Me...been a lot of "me" recently. So. Okaasan catch up.

Okaasan is fine.

Yujiro said that while I was away she seems to have forgotten about the "I Must Go to Saitama and Dry My Kimono" plan, and he was careful not to mention it again.

But she was depressed about something and he finally got her to say why: "Amanda doesn't like me, I saw a memo about me. Amanda wrote "Ijimewaru" (Bully) on it about me. I saw the memo on May."

!!!!!! Yujiro set her straight by telling her a) Amanda maybe doesn't know that word; b) Amanda probably can't write that word and c) Amanda worries more about your happiness than I do!

She seemed ok after that. But strange. I wonder where THAT thought came from? Paranoia Central.

Anyway. I just waved at Okaasan as I came home from the airport Friday night. Saturday I had to go work. And Saturday night we had couple reconnect time and went to a great local izakiya...Yujiro primed Okaasan to the fact we were going to be out and she should either eat something downtown or help herself to something in the fridge.
She must have forgotten. She did neither and when we came home at 9 pm she said she hadn't eaten. We retreated upstairs and left her peering into the fridge. She must be able to take out and eat something. She isn't so far gone in the dementia yet. Anyway - she snacks all day on stuff, so she won't starve.

Today will be a quiet home day. The garden has become a jungle. Yujiro wants to BBQ dead cow. We'll cook salmon for Okaasan.

I should unpack stuff.


  1. The BBQ was ok...a bit strange to have a BBQ with Okaasan and have to prepare rice and miso soup and take the skin off the potato etc...but she seemed to enjoy it ok.

    Hot day. I read a book and stress relieving. I killed a comfrey.

    Okaasan went out at 3 pm and didn't come home until 8.30 pm! She said she'd got LOST in the center of town! She'd mixed up subway stations and department stores and had to wander a long way...
    It's sad...of course her long walking is good exercise, but I am am more and more convinced that actually a lot of it is just confused wanderings.
    Absolutely nothing we can do about it.

  2. Glad you're back safe and sound - even if you are looking at having to go home again sooner rather than later. The crash looked pretty horrific, it must have been so scary for your step mum.

    Love the 'couple reconnect time'. I think hub and I are in serious need ot some of that! We get a bit of time together after the kids are in bed but it would be nice to put on a bit of lippy and go out for dinner ocassionally, not that we have much selection where we are but still...

    Hope work goes well and your knees aren't giving you too much grief.