Sunday, 19 July 2009

Body snatching back.

Well, I started reclaiming my body back from injury hell.

I swam out in the car thru the holiday weekend downpour and signed in for my Orientation at the gym...with a young guy with amazingly hairy legs. He may have been the hairiest man in Japan.

The sports center has no elevator. Just walking up the stairs from the lockers to the training room made me puff. And then the pool is downstairs.

Anyway, Hairy-san put me on a machine which apparently calculated all my essentials (3 kg overweight, both legs about the same muscle strength, no power in my stomach or trunk...) and he set me off on the machines doing a few sets. Then I hobbled down to the pool - where another young guy got the old lady pool walking in tiny steps.

It was so hard! I realized how little I can do. So of course...I cried. Doing it too much recently.

The Pool guy was a nice guy and chatted me into calmness. Then I swam a few lengths just trailing my leg and not kicking. Swimming felt SO good...something I CAN do. Stress rolled away.

And even better - he said Sunday morning is usually quiet! Perfect time for me.

So. I've made a start at getting back into shape and wrestling control of my body back from this bloody ligament thing. 2 months of hobbling is doing my head in.

Quiet, relaxing weekend here. Raining of course. 3 day weekend.
We sneaked off to the Simon and Garfunkle concert at Sapporo Dome last night - awesome! Okaasan managed to feed herself instant noodles and rearrange her socks.

Today I had a long lunch with a friend and then came home to cook fish, rice, salad and soup. And the holiday treat of a Furano melon...cheaper than a Yubari and just the same.

Okaasan had stayed home all day, but she brightened up with dinner time chat about firework displays. This Friday is Sapporo's big show - if the weather actually let's up we'll take her.

and so and so....

Nothing has been said about the snacks appearing by magic in their own little basket - it's the Snack Fairy. Occasionally she leaves sweet papers in my handbag by mistake too.

* As I headed into the kitchen tonight at 6.30 pm to start dinner Okaasan peered round from her TV watching: "Ohaiyo-gozamimasu! (good morning!)"..."Ahh...actually it's 6.30 PM...not AM!!!....but that's ok, I'm English and in England about now it IS AM!!!".

Gotta laugh.


  1. I'm so glad that you are getting back to fitness. I wish we had a gym and pool near enough for me to use, but I'd have to leave the kids and drive which I'm not willing to do at night...

    Don't feel bad about what you can't do, just feel really proud of yourself that you ARE DOING IT. You were basically fit before and it won't take long for it all to come back. Just do what you can, don't overdo it and enjoy it.

    And 3kg overweight is nothing. In fact, if that was a Japan measurement it probably means you are UNDERweight by normal standards!!!

  2. Hi VIcky!

    time to go out in the garden and assess the damage neh!!

    You're right...I feel better knowing i've taken the first steps to getting back my body. And yes, of course 3 kg is nothing...but I always think weight is more about mind than numbers...if you FEEL it's unhealthy and "not you", then it've done a fantastic job with your body reclaiming recently - it must feel so so good now!!!!

    anyway...i can see bedraggled sweetpeas from time to mount a rescue mission!

    PS. not the place in your blog, but i read your thoughts about your student and my heart felt for you...i've lost 2 in the past year, although they were older people, even so it was so sad because I remember their laughter and their kindness.

  3. Thank you for your kind thoughts about my student. It was such a shock as she's a good few years younger than me, and always seemed so ..... normal. You know, not the type to suddenly drop dead. Makes me appreciate the time we have left - nobody knows when it's their turn. And makes me keener on looking after my body and those of my family too.