Tuesday, 7 July 2009

From England

hi everyone

here in Cirencester library on a computer...only got a few minutes.

The news from here is getting a little better day by day.

My step mum is still in Gloucester Hospital and she is very very weak and confused.

Yesterday the doctors tried to start her on very soft food and water...it is the first time in 5 weeks. \she was sitting in a chair for 25 minutes by the bed. She is beginning to look better and now she can talk to my dad when he goes in.

WE go into the hospital every day. I am helping Dad with cooking and stuff at home and keeping him company.

My knee is ok...not great. My 86 year old dad can walk faster than me and I try to take the dog for a walk by car...!!

I will go back to Japan on Friday as planned and start work again. I think my step mum will be in hospital for many more weeks...hopefully they will move her to a hospital near dad's home in August so they can start thinking how to get her stajding and walking ...maybe...

anyway. its ok for now. maybe i will come back later.

time to go now. Dad is waiting for me in a coffe shop and probably eating very sweet cakes...which is bad for his diabetes.

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  1. Hope the next few days go well and your flight home is good :)