Friday, 24 July 2009


He quit the dodgy crab selling job - I've never been so happy to hear someone quit!

He brightened up immediately and got back into the job hunting groove again - there are a few jobs he found which would use his computer skills.
I don't write much about Yujiro and work. When we first met he'd already quit regular work to ski in winter and do part-time work in summer and I admire him for that. To drop out of regular work life to follow one's dream in a society like Japan takes big guts. Generally it's been fine: I earn good money for my job and we share almost all the costs of life...if he is happy I don't care what he does.
I don't believe jobs are status - in my book whatever you get out of bed to do each morning is good. As long as you do it as well as you can. Everyone contributes to society, whether you are handing out advertising tissues or nursing sick people.
He's done all kinds of job: call center, computer help line, construction site guardman (the little stick waving guys at the roadside), tour conductor on the buses...

The tour conducting job was the best - he is a showman type and herding Japanese tourists round sightseeing and hotels and airports while juggling all the optional tour payments and the meal plans was perfect. But this job took him away from home 5 or 6 nights a week. And you need to be able to run. So this year he thinks he can't do it.

This time job hunting seems harder. He is now 50 and that number looks bad on applications. And the economy. And trying to be home for cooking.

I keep saying that I am ok with knuckling down to do more of the cooking because I only have one evening of work now - but he says he wants to cook more and be here to chat with Okaasan. I think I can and should do more evening stuff with Okaasan, but he says he will.

So. Crossed fingers for something that's not gangster linked! Ski season starts late November/December..and after all his injuries in the past 18 months neither of us have any idea if he'll ski teach again. I hope so. It IS his life.

Fireworks tonight. But the weather forecast said rain. Bummer.
I'd hoped for nice happy-family time taking Okaasan to the fireworks...

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