Saturday, 25 July 2009

Suspicions confirmed.

I was right - it was a hospital mistake and Dad's wishful thinking...there was no plan to get Fish 'n Chips down a woman who hasn't eaten anything for 7 weeks...they piped the ovaltine-like liquid into her as usual.

But she does sound stronger, asked for cards to write to friends today etc and the doctors want to try some mouth feeding a week from now.

Horrible rainy day here - is this summer? The only bright spot was a student bringing me photographs of her husband's 24 planters full of roses that they have on their apartment balcony in central Sapporo! Wonderful colors! Their apartment is going to be renovated in the fall and I offered to host the rose plants here to protect them...

Quiet dinner at home tonight. We're all feeling down with the weather. Yujiro did his favorite: tacos. Okaasan eats it surprisingly...although she asked us countless times what the salsa sauce was and told us countless times how she ate soft tacos shells in Mexico years ago. Her repetitive conversations are sometimes pretty takes a lot of patience to keep answering the same questions.

Tomorrow gym and swimming pool. Hope it stops raining. Enough already.

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