Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Down the tube to the other life. Again.

Hi folks.

At Narita with the money running out.

The greatest news is that : YEAH!!!! I got upgraded to Business Class for the flight to London.

Can't begin to say how exciting that is!!!!!!!!

I"m already planning what I will do...sleep...enjoy a hamburger when I want it...bat my eye lashes at the young, rich businessman across the aisle....

Usual rush and stuff to close down the loose ends of one life and connect the stuff in the other life.

But I took time for the guy - and for me. I emailed him from work and suggested a quick date down in the Sapporo Beer Festival in the afternoon when I finished. I stayed on the subway one extra stop and he walked downtown...and we sat in the German-themed beer garden in Odori Park and enjoyed good black beer and a plate of sausages.

It was a moment of normality.

Then it was home to dinner with Okaasan (who arrived home from her shopping trip with a whole PIZZA in a box that she'd bought by mistake at a family restaurant!!!!).

Threw together the stuff for the trip...thanked Yujiro profusely for finding my passport in the "Important Things" drawer that I haven't labelled yet....injected the cat....and wrote the birthday card for Okaasan...talked to wellwishes on the phone and by e mail - (Thanks: Hiroko, Izumi and Ritsuko!!).

Over and out....I'm off to wheel my chair around the departure lounge...

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