Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Good news from UK

Hi everyone,

sitting here in Cirencester Library again...hot afternoon...amazing.England has all the strange weather...heat/rain/cold...in one afternoon.

The good news is that my step mum is making a little progress.

The day after I arrived she took her first "food" by mouth, milky pudding - tw0 spoonfulls.
She also drank milk and water and apple juice. Then 2 days of no food again. And today a little rice pudding (this is a wonderful, strange food Brits love...rice, milk and cream...and sugar).

She looks better than she did a month ago and most days her talking is better too.

I feel very relieved and actually feel she is going to get back to some kind of better now. Maybe not walking and hopefully not driving ever again...but maybe she can live at home again and have a Carer coming in...maybe September or October???

Such a relief.
I worry about my Dad who seems to be eating less and less himself....we go to restaurants and he picks at the food and eats about 4 mouthfulls...its almost as if he likes the idea of food, but the eating of it is too much effort.

But. I am trying to kickback and enjoy the fact that I am staying in England in August, in a beautiful Cotswold House, good food, watching TV and reading magazines.
I take the dog for walks by car - i drive and she runs along down the farm track in front of the car...so my leg is getting a little better.

And Business Class on the ANA flight here? AMAZING!!!!

Going back to cattle-class for the flight will be very very hard...

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  1. Good to hear your step mum is doing better. Hope your dad starts eating a bit and feeling a big genkier.

    Upgraded! That has never worked for me and now that I have children I imagine it never will. Yes, we would love to upgrade you and your three screaming childred to business class!! Not going to happen :)

    Does you lawn mower have a massively long cord? We cut our grass with the weed eater and it is quite the mission although I don't mind it. Would be handier with a mower though.